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A place in which the Hotel is located is one of the oldest districts of Gdańsk – scream (Langfuhr) - is located to the north of the centre on the stream Sheep-shearing (left-bank tributary of Dead Wisła). The oldest mention of Wrzeszczu comes around 1263 r.. Once on these areas forest existed with the moor, from whom a name derives. In the interwar period scream is spending the glory days.

Monuments and interesting places:
Monument of Jan Gutenberg in the Landscape Park. A Summerhouse of Gutenberg built in 1840 is a central point of the Park of the chance of inventing the press. Primitive of wood, in 1890 r was carried out. zastępiono her new of wrought iron and zinc-plated metal sheet in the Victorian style.

Technical University of Gdańsk one of the oldest technical colleges in Poland, r covered with 6 October 1904 stayed. The technical university of Gdańsk is an independent college national and 9 departments include. The diploma of the completion has the high rank abroad.

New Synagogue from 1927 r. (Rd of Guerrillas 7) is an only kept, slowly standing synagogue in the city. In years 1946 - performed 1951 role of the main synagogue of the Congregation of the Jewish faith in Gdańsk

Park Kuźniczki Park on the stream Sheep-shearing.

Gdańsk Medical University Obligated to live in 1945 r., in Poland płn is biggest. with medical school, educating over 6000 students and doctoral students in four departments: pharmaceutical, medical, of Theories about the health and wydz. of biotechnology. The college also offers studies in the English.
Church Most Saint  of Jesus Heart Beginnings of the coming into existence of the NSJ Parish are being dated in the XIX close in. The church was designed as the basilica with evident above roofs of side naves with bows . The temple has 58 m of the length, 24 m of the breadth and the tower for heights of 66 m. They visited the parish Rev. cardinal Stefan Wyszyński and the contemporary Cracow Archbishop Rev. archbishop Karol Wojtyła Jan II Paweł.

Gűnter Grass - one of the most outstanding XX writers in. in the free city Gdańsk was born. Winner of the Literary Nobel Prize, freeman of the city of Gdańsk, spent his childhood at home by the Rd of Lelewel 13 in Gdańsku-Wrzeszczu. He attended school by the Rd of  Pestalozzi in Wrzeszczu. Family house of the writer in June 2000 r. received the commemorative plate, and in 2002 r. of hero of the novel „ Tin drum ” - Oscar was commemorated with small bench with sitting  on the Square of  Wybicki in Wrzeszczu.

A Wajdeloty street is a street in Gdańsk in the oldest part of Bottom Wrzeszcza with the preserved double-sided building development from the XIX turning point and the 20th century. Characteristic Art Nouveau tenements are in a row of the street with turrets and moved balconies decorated with metalwork elements

Forest theatre in 1911, a Forest Theatre was opened in the Grove of Gutenberg in Wrzeszczu Gdańsk. At this target a sheltered valley was chosen by the route from the so-called Forest House to the Devil's Bridge. Advantages of the theatre in the Grove of Gutenberg are unusually high. With the location and sizes he is equaling the Forest Opera in Sopot, he is surpassing it in terms of wonderful natural acoustics and the uncontaminated  forest authenticity. Thanks of the subsidy of the City all parties at the theatre Forest are free of charge. During the summer season at the theatre Forest chamber concerts are held, jazz - including the Festival Gdańsk Jazz Nights in August and so-called of "boundless Music".